Gap Analysis – Delhi Metro’s EIA Report

Following is a Gap Analysis of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report of the Central Secretariat to Badarpur Corridor available on the Delhi Metro’s Website (here) at this link.

Gap Analysis of Delhi Metro’s EIA Report

Gap Analysis of Delhi Metro’s EIA ReportGap Analysis of Delhi Metro’s EIA ReportGAP ANALYSIS, Delhi Metro’s EIA Report of Central Secretariat to Badarpur Corridor 

The key gaps identified are in valuing the ecosystem services provided by the trees and the unthoughtful Positive Environmental Impacts that are listed.

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3 thoughts on “Gap Analysis – Delhi Metro’s EIA Report

  1. Read the entire analysis report. It gives a great insight on the gaps which these govt. reports generally have..
    Also, the report is shedding light on some already debated and discussed issues on which a general consensus has been reached. Reading this report makes one think on the same issues with a new perspective.
    I hope you will continue to do similar and better work in future.Kindly keep me updated.

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