What’s With the Weather? Or is it Climate Change?

summer delhiSummers in Delhi have been unusual this year. While some claim it may be the signs of a larger climate change that will follow, others are just considering it ‘normal’ weather fluctuations.

Things are however, far from normal. Two-three days of continuous heat wave is abruptly changed to heavy downpour the very next day. Even before we can wipe the sweat off our foreheads – the surroudings become cooler. We may be enjoying this ‘broken’ summer but it is something that requires urgent investigation.

CNN-IBN covered a story on this which can be read here and/or viewed online by clicking here

Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh is Co-Founder of the Delhi Greens NGO and the Managing Editor of the DG Blog Magazine. He holds a Master's degree and Ph.D. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi. He has over six years experience of teaching Environmental Studies in the University of Delhi and more than twelve years experience of working in the Environmental Sector.

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