Dissertation on Environmental Impact Assessment


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – What is probably the first and the most popular legal tool ensuring Environmental Protection – is also one of the most debatable contemporary environmental policy. 

The following is a dissertation* on the Inception and Evolution of Environmental Impact Assessment in the World and in India – with a brief analysis of the EIA 2006 Notification.


Environmental Impact Assessment – An analyticial Overview

The document is now being modified for the industry and people at large – suggestions, etc. are requested.

*Submitted to the School of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi.
Examined by Mr. G.V. Subramanian – Impact Assessment Director – MoEF. 

Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh is Co-Founder of the Delhi Greens NGO and the Managing Editor of the DG Blog Magazine. He holds a Master's degree and Ph.D. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi. He has over six years experience of teaching Environmental Studies in the University of Delhi and more than twelve years experience of working in the Environmental Sector.

9 thoughts on “Dissertation on Environmental Impact Assessment

  1. Yes, certainly hear a lot about EIAs over here too. More and more developments (housing etc) need to have one done before planning conscent is considered. There are even jobs dedicated to carrying out EIAs.

  2. An excellent page on EIA. No doubt, we have done well, but since
    the growth of the country is gaining momentum, there is a need of continuous change of policies. I hope our words are taken note of and will
    help in future enrichment of EIA processes and implementations.
    This is Dr. AVVS Swamy, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Environmental Sciences,
    Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjunanagar, Guntur Dist., A.P.,.
    Cell. 9441812543

  3. a very informative page on the EIA. i would like to know if environmental clearance for any project that is no longer a part of the EIA notification of 2006 be asked for. ANd therefore is environmental clearance a broader umbrella for EIA notification . please do give your feedback

  4. Environmental Clearance for projects passed before the notification came out cannot unfortunately be reviewed for such a clearance. Environmental Clearance is of course a broader umbrella term under which EIA is one (major) aspect. Environmental Clearance may also require Forest Clearance, SPCB clearance etc.

  5. thanks govind for the prompt reply. Another clarification then is there an Act which recommends environmental clearance. is it by any chance the EPA 1986. because we have tourism which was thrown out of the EIA notification in 2006 and if we have to say that tourism should be given environmental clearance even when its not there in the EIA notifcation of 2006 then what act does it fall under?

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