Dhanak Din Nehru Bal Mela

Invitation Nehru Bal Mela

Children and Youth Festival

16th and 17th November 2007
9.00 AM to 5.30 PM

The rainbow, as a natural phenomenon, social, cultural symbol and metaphor signifying the richness and beauty of diversity and wholeness – inspires

Nehru Bal Mela

A wide range of colourful learning oriented fun activities are planned for children between the ages 5 – 18 years. Woven around the themes of peace, nature and creativity – the mela seeks to be inclusive, earth nurturing, peaceful and celebrate diversity.

Children’s Day and Week – Pundit Nehru and his fondness for children – Teen Murti Bhawan – Nehru Memorial Museum and Librarythe connections are obvious! The Mela is organized with an aim to revive Teen Murti as a space accessible to children and contributing to their development in a real sense. The values and principles which Nehru stood for – peace, conflict resolution and dialogue, passionate secularism, equality, love for nature, accessibility, relating and engaging with people – would inform the content and design of the Mela.

friendsInstead of a ‘quick channel surfing’ through stalls as a mere spectator or consumer the visitors are allowed deeper involvement which makes them co-creators and owners of the event. It is not a stand alone event but a celebration punctuating the longer process of deep engagement. Workshops and interactions are planned with a few groups of children before and would continue after the event.

kiteDe-compartmentalizing learning and fun, science and environment: the mela aims to celebrates the interconnections and simply reiterates – ‘fun is serious business’ and ‘deep engagement is fun’.

The day would include a range of fun games, exhibitions, scientific experiments, nature trails, making comics, magic, puppets, theatre and music by and for children. Some of the activities require prior registration while others are open to all. Young people who have demonstrated social leadership will also share their experiences. The products and performances created by children during the Mela through workshops would be presented / displayed on the very same day. Books, toys, food stalls would also share the same values and the themes.

Roll outParticipating groups and individuals would get certificates based on their levels of participation.

Kite smileyAll are welcome, schools and larger groups are requested to register before hand.

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For Details Contact – Vagish Jha/ Ajay Mahajan/ Jaya Iyer

Monica : 011 – 23015333

With artistic License from the People Tree! 🙂

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