Beej Bachao Andolan, Vividhara and many other groups from Uttarakhand  Invite you to  An Exhibition and Sale of Diverse, Healthful Organic Foods and Natural Products (amongst others, there’s a wide range of rajmas to choose from, breakfast cereals, spices, pickles, tea, natural cosmetics, flours, red rice, herbs, jams, nutritious millets, snacks, drinks, handicrafts, woollens…) […]

Govind Singh  After years of conservation activity and having been literally brought back from the brink of extinction, the Indian Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) is in serious trouble yet again. The Indian Gharial (which derives its name from ghara, an earthen pot that resembles the bulbous nasal appendage present on […]

Indra Sinha, the dynamic former Editor of, the force behind the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which funds the Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, a critical source of free medical treatment for tens of thousands of poisoned Bhopal residents and the author of Animal’s People, a 2007 novel written from the perspective of […]

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