“GM Foods and Biodiversity”, IWC’s Monthly Online Chat

indianwildlifeclubChat on 18th March 2008

Log in to IndianWildlifeclub.com for an online chat on “Genetically Modified Crops and Biodiversity” between 7.30 PM (IST) and 8.30 PM (IST) on 18th March 2008.

The chat will be moderated by Ms Saraswati Kavula, who is is a documentary Film Maker from Andhra Pradesh.

Click Here to reach the chat room on the said day and time, after registering as a member.

You can also click HERE to see transcripts of the earlier chat sessions.

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Dr. Govind Singh holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi and is the Co-Founder of Delhi Greens organisation and the Editor-in-Chief of the Delhi Greens Blog.

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