Palash Sen on the sets of India’s First Green Song Video!

Just like everyone else, Dr. Palash Sen, lead singer of the famous HindRock band Euphoria, and a youth icon in himself was unaware of what the terrorists had in mind for Mumbai. He was all set to surprise the audience with what would have been the launch of India’s first green song, at the Live Earth event, that was scheduled to take place in Mumbai today, but was cancelled because of the terrorist attacks.   

The Delhi Greens team met Palash Sen at the shooting of the video where he expressed shock at both what happened in Mumbai, and also on the current state of India’s environment, and the general apathy of people on different environmental issues.

Palash Sen also fully supported, a stop climate change initiative based out of United States and fully supported by Delhi Greens in India.

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Delhi Greens

Delhi Greens is a Delhi based non-profit organisation set up in the year 2007 with the objective of protecting and preserving our common environment. Delhi Greens is more than just an organisation. It is a Delhi-based national movement working to bring together like-minded people for the protection of Our Common Environment.

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