Republic Day Greetings

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“We must look at better management of our forests, which have a wide diversity of flora and fauna including medicinal plants. They can be important in generating social, economic and environmental benefits for the country…….

……India has been impacted by the global environment. However, our economy has the fundamental strength and resilience to remain on course for economic growth…..We are seeking to address inequities in the growth process through an inclusive approach that brings within its ambit all regions and all peoples……Rural development can be a very effective vehicle for spreading the benefits of balanced growth…..

…..The youth represent the hope for the future and are an invaluable asset to the nation. Their hopes and aspirations for growth and prosperity are indeed the aspirations of the nation itself……In addition to self-development, they must pledge to abjure violence and work for the welfare of humanity.

– Excerpts from the speech of H.E. The President of India, Shrimati Pratibha Devisingh Patil while addressing the nation on the eve of the 60th Republic Day.

A day full of pride to all!

On being an Indian
On being an Indian...

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