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NFI: Dr. Swaminathan Launches Green Umbrella Project

Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Launches green umbrella projectDr. M.S. Swaminathan Inviting All to Come Under the “Green Umbrella”

Nature Foundation (India) is a Non Governmental Organization in tune with nature and dedicated towards nature conservation. The foundation recently invited the eminent Dr. M. S. Swaminathan among others, to launch a Green Umbrella project at the Russian Cultural Center in Delhi. With “Green” standing for clean and green environment and “Umbrella” symbolizing protection, conservation and coming together of like minded individuals, the programme will be executed with the co-operation and blessings of Sh. M.L. Dewan and the Global Warming Reduction Centre.

The mindless exploitation of nature and natural resources has put the present and the future generations at considerable ecological disadvantage, risk and shock. The future generation is the MAJOR STAKEHOLDER of the environmental sweepstakes. thus, the aim of this all encompassing project is to catch them young. As part of the project, Nature Foundation (India) will be holding a series of workshops in various schools. These will be followed by poster making and slogan writing contests and an increases thinking and action on water conservation.

Green Umrella signed by Dr. Swaminathan and Prof. M.L. DewanGreen Umbrella Autographed by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan and Prof. M.L. Dewan of the GWRC

The project will work simultaneously at three levels. The first: informing, equipping children with the knowledge of the planet, the ecosystem and the environment and also the need to conserve it. The second: getting them to take action and inspire, pursue conservation activities around them. And the third to enhance creative expression and involve them in becoming a part of the movement for a change. The target, by the end of first year, is to baptize the young generation in becoming agents of environment conservation.

It is hoped that the army of “Green-Literates”, thus created would be able to face the challenges of climate change in an able manner because, FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. The “Green Umbrella” will be given to all participating schools symbolizing that the students of this school are better equipped to face the challenges of climate change etc.

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Dr. Govind Singh is Co-Founder of Delhi Greens organisation and the Editor-in-Chief of the Delhi Greens Blog.

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