Chipko Movement at Sarojini Nagar for Saving the Trees of Delhi

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Residents and environmental groups came together yesterday evening near Sarojini Nagar police station to save thousands of fully grown trees from being chopped down in the National Capital. People hugged the trees and campaigners sang together and also raised slogans against the felling of trees. The campaign began at 4.30 pm and continued till late in the evening.

Delhi’s own Chipko movement took place in order to spread awareness and protest against Government’s decision to chop down 14,031 trees in and around Sarojini Nagar for the purpose of redeveloping this area.

The campaign also had booths that showcased the importance of the environment. Campaigners at booth discussed the possible threats and conservation methods with people. There was an interactive board also to share personal views on the situation.

The campaigners argued that planting more trees in some other place will do no good to Delhi. They highlighted the alarming pollution level of Delhi and how chopping down full-grown trees is detrimental.

The campaign was carried out by various organizations and residents and supported by political parties as well. Mr. Raghav Chadha, the National Spokesperson of AAP was among some of the politicians that the event to support and save the environment.

Image by Nishka Prabhakar

Sinni Naithani

Sinni Naithani was associated with Delhi Greens as Summer Intern during 2018. She was then a Multimedia and Mass Communication student at the University of Delhi, always ready to explore, take challenges and work towards a healthier environment.

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