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The Delhi Greens (DG) Blog is an information portal for green news, events and activities in Delhi NCR and is at the forefront of the global and Indian environmental movement. The DG Blog is a Flagship Project of the Delhi Greens organisation and was initiated in March 2007 at a time when environmental issues were not part of mainstream media.

The Delhi Greens Blog disseminates environmental news and views that you can use, and works to keep you updated with latest green happenings especially with respect to Delhi city. Backed by the belief that sustainable urban development is only possible through an overall development of the country, we also highlight and publish pressing environmental issues that concern urban and rural India. The Delhi Greens Blog is an ICT Tool for generating environmental awareness for ensuring the protection of Our Common Environment.

The Delhi Greens Blog was Founded by Govind Singh in March 2007. The Blog was a knee-jerk reaction to two separate yet related incidents, along with the love and passion for Delhi and trees. This led a young ecologist pursuing his Master’s in Environmental Studies at the University of Delhi to launch an Online environmental outreach platform for the city of Delhi (Read: Blog History). The Delhi Greens Blog has since inspired many others to use Blogging as a tool for raising awareness. This led to a chain reaction of Green Blogs by individuals and organisations alike, further boosting the environmental movement.

In July 2008, as the citizens movement got stronger, the Delhi Greens Blog was acquired by the Delhi Greens organization, a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with Govind Singh, Ravinder Bawa, Aastha Kukreti, A.P. Jayanthi and Rishabh Parmar as its Founding Members. Subsequently, the organisation was strengthened by the joining of members like Vidya Subramanian, Anjana Dey and Ngawawon Impuri Shimray. Delhi Greens is set up with a vision of ensuring environmental harmony and promoting sustainable development in the country (Click here to visit Delhi Greens website for further details). The Delhi Greens Blog is now maintained by Delhi Greens NGO.

Ever since its launch, the Delhi Greens Blog has been successful in engaging and involving large number of citizens in environmental events and activities while inspiring several others to initiate green actions. Some key achievements of the Delhi Greens Blog are bulleted below:

Launched in March 2007, the DG Blog is Delhi’s First Environmental Blog Project.
The DG Blog is an Award Winning Initiative Working to Spearhead the Environmental Movement.
The DG Blog Won the IndiBlogger 2013 Award in the Social/Environment Category.
The DG Blog has Raised several pressing environmental issues with the Public and in Mainstream Media.
The DG Blog has had Measurable Blog Impact in Transforming Information into Action.
The DG Blog is Hosted on a Completely Green Server.
The DG Blog was recently featured by the United Nations as a Lighthouse Activity.

With the threat of climate change looming large, and increasing urban population due to natural growth and increase in migration, sustaining mega cities like Delhi is becoming a bigger challenge each passing day. According to UN-Habitat, cities occupy only 2% of the world’s land resource, but contribute 80% of greenhouse gas emissions. This makes them a key contributor to global warming. Urban residents therefore need to be more aware and sensitive to their impact on the environment.

Addressing urban environmental and sustainability challenges is therefore the need of the hour and will go a long way in tackling the climate crisis. This will also help improve the quality of life of urban residents. However, solving the ongoing environmental crisis can only be possible through ensuring greater participation of the citizens in governance and policy making process. This in turn requires mega cities like Delhi to have better informed and more aware and responsible citizens. The Delhi Greens Blog works to create such better informed, more aware citizens who are sensitive to the concerns and need of protecting our common environment.

Blog Editorial Team

Dr. Govind Singh, Editor-in-Chief

govind-singhDr. Govind Singh is the Co-Founder of Delhi Greens NGO and Editor-in-Chief of the the Delhi Greens Blog. Based in New Delhi, Dr. Singh is an environmental activist and researcher and has been working to generate environmental awareness and promote sustainable development across India since over a decade.

Dr. Govind Singh holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi. Prior to this, he received his Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from the School of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi. Dr. Singh is presently working to ensure urban sustainability by balancing contemporary environmental management principles with spiritual ecology and traditional knowledge.

Dr. Govind Singh has been an active environmental youth leader since his college days and initiated the youth climate movement in the country. He has consistently worked to channelize the energy of the youth towards biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. He continues to mentor, orient and direct young minds for becoming passionate towards environmental issues, through his academic and organisational involvements.

Gaia, Little-wonder-helper

Gaia is the collective work force of little-wonder-helpers in the form of interns and volunteers who power the Delhi Greens Blog. Delhi Greens attracts interns and volunteers from all walks of life; students, young professionals, teachers, researchers, environmentalists, government officials etc. All these wonderful people come together as the backbone of the Delhi Greens Blog Team and are collectively represented on the Delhi Greens Blog as Gaia.

Correspondents, Writers and Contributors

The Delhi Greens Blog Editorial Team includes correspondents, writers and contributors from different academic and professional backgrounds thus bringing a diverse set of individuals linked together for the cause of environmental conservation and protection. You too can help out. Click here to visit the Contact page and send us your details if you want to become a part of the Delhi Greens Blog initiative.

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