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Author: Anandita Deshwal

Anandita is pursuing her M.Tech in Environmental Engineering from Gautam Buddha University, Greater NOIDA. She is presently working as an intern with Delhi Greens.

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Ten Ways How You Can 3R Your Waste

Ten Ways How You Can 3R Your Waste

Right from our very childhood, we are taught why and how we should reduce, reuse and recycle (the 3R) waste. However, very few of us implement this in our daily life perhaps because we find it to be inconvenient or because we do not want to put in extra efforts. It is interesting to note that when it come to selling recyclables to the local retailer or the kabadiwallah, we are all ready to put in that extra effort of separating the recyclables from the waste largely because it brings us monetary benefits. What we must realize and remember is that if we follow the 3Rs of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle in our daily life, it will definitely benefit our society while also helping us save money. Looking at the waste load generated by our civilization today and the very limited capacity we ...