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..and stop the corruption, and incompetence and what not. The last of the ‘Shera’ is at stake. It is no longer difficult to understand why big projects like the ones meant to save the tiger don’t really work effectively. I am shocked by the collapse of a foot over bridge […]


The most empowering context that we as human beings have created for ourselves as a species is the possibility of language. Creation of words to fit the world that we live in gives us the power to control it and manipulate it. So, while language has a collective, a supra-organic […]

Recently I revisited Oscar Lewis’ thesis of “Culture of Poverty.” Simply stated it tells you that context determines every thing. If you wear rose coloured glasses, everything appears red and if you wear blue coloured glasses every thing appears blue. There has always been a struggle between those who came […]


Every Monday the formal shops in our locality are closed in Delhi. I love to visit the markets on that day. The small informal traders put up stalls using bamboo sticks and iron bed and wooden platforms or just on a sack on the road and trade for about four […]

It is my friend’s birthday today. I picked up the phone and wished him. While talking on the phone, we tried to relive our past of climbing trees and eating green mangoes. Staring out of the window, there it is, a bunch of green mangoes, between the delicate white flowers […]

An increasingly common sight in cities Bulldozers are furiously scrapping earth from a garden adjoining an artificial lake in Vashi Sector 10 of New Bombay. Or so a recent news item in the Times of India dated 8th April, 2010 read. We immediately reacted by saying that so much for […]

In the solutions of today are problems of tomorrow. Take for example the environmental problems of today, before the mid 70’s no one really talked about them. Industrialization and mass production of goods and services was not seen as a problem but a solution to ‘human wants’, a desirable outcome. […]

Trees, pavements, markets, people…everything has been ‘uprooted’ or ‘transplanted’ for the CWG 2010 I am in this Monday market in my East Delhi neighbourhood buying vegetables and suddenly all the trader shopkeepers of informal stalls start wrapping up their goods and merchandise on display. I heard a few complains about […]

Flying past, rolling on the roads, flying above them on major roads in Delhi are parachute shaped tiny seeds of “Saptaparni” going the way the wind will take them. The flowers of this tree are not so prominent. Then there are small round seeds coated in soft cotton balls seeds […]

Some of us do this routinely. I board the Metro at Connaught Place (CP) to go to NOIDA at 6 pm. The platforms at CP are very crowded. A train comes and leaves the platform. A few people from the crowded platform manage to board the already crowded Metro, more […]


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