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No doubt there are environmental costs to the rolling out of the physical infrastructure like water supply pipes or roads or electric city production and distribution and even telecom development. We are all concerned of the cost to the environment. The public policies like Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission […]

200 mosquitoes swarmed into our bedroom last night. Some of them also managed to get into our mosquito net which meant a sleepless night. The impact it had on our lives was upsetting and bad tempers. Our local society is complaining that ever since the Delhi Metro work began in […]


Palwal is a small town on Delhi-Agra highway and one among many other small towns that are fast developing because these are now within commuting distance from Delhi city. So people can afford to continue to stay in these towns and leave their families there, while they go for a […]

Thank you for taking out time to respond to the last blog and putting your mind to the real issue behind it. These encouraging comments provide the strength to keep on going and creating new possibilities in the area of environment and climate change adaptation. This week is special in […]


Last week, Central Board of Secondary-school Certification Examinations (CBSE) began in Delhi and all over India. It is the first public examination for the children of 10th standard. This is the first among various other public exams that a child will face in her/his life. Almost all of us have gone through such […]


Ever considered the question: how do we acquire knowledge about the physical environment around us? The easiest way to get to know about environment in general and environmental issues in particular is to open a text book. In our academic curriculum, in our schools and colleges, in any discipline, we […]

Walking in the Lodhi Gardens, what captured my eye was the flocking instinct of black birds. They were all sitting gathered on a wire in a row with each one of them facing the same direction. Every few minutes they would fly away and sit again on the same wire. […]

Thank you for reading your blogs so carefully and with so much interest. It is what makes them available. But not every action everywhere are good. The context determines it. To recapitulate, Govind Singh some time back listed in his post on this very blog, five main reasons to save tigers. […]


The “world to word’ paradigm allows us to fix and manipulate the world in order to control and dominate it.  The environmental perceptions dictates clichés such as “the world we live in, we have borrowed from our children rather than inherited from our elders” or “earth has enough resources to […]

As human beings, we are born into a pre-existing world. Being born into a culture we inherit-words and language-we assume that words and languages describe this preexisting world. Because we think of language as something in response to the world or existing in order to deal with the world, language […]

The feedbacks you post are out of your willingness to ‘because in the matter’ of creating a better world through environmental actions. Thank you for taking time out to respond to the blog and sharing your lives with me. It is these little acts of patchwork that brings us together. […]


One of the news report in the newspapers today read ‘IPCC retracts 2035 alarm on glacier melt.’ The Chairperson of the coveted body, on behalf of 2500 best scientists from across the world, accepted on Wednesday 20th January 2010 that it made a huge goof up in its fourth assessment […]


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