The Endangered Sea Turtle is made of 800 children and several colors of Earth. It is crying tears made of pop bottles. The above is an amazing Sky Art by Daniel Dancer a conceptual aerial artist and our good friend from Oregon, US.  Daniel runs the Arts For The Sky Project making giant living […]

Following is an interesting image taken by Mr. Rajesh Lalwani of BlogWorks, en route to Gurgaon. According to Mr. Lalwani, Given the driving etiquette in our very cultured metros, the day is not far when this would be a real warning, I think :). At the same time, given the LARGE […]

Students of the University of Delhi (North Campus) no longer need to get into the bargaining game with the Rickshaw pullers, moments after getting off the Metro at the Vishwavidyalya Station. They now ride themselves to their respective colleges…and with pride!   Bicycle Ahoy! With an ID proof and Rs.10, one can now […]


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