A peacock walks by a banner at the Teen Murti Bhawan, raised to remind us of our ‘unity in diversity’ and calls for greater tolerance and  respect for others – which has been the roots of this great Nation! The lush green lawns of the first Prime Minister’s residence host a very large […]

One has to walk very carefully in the Kamla Nehru (North Delhi) Ridge lately as at every third step you may hear a crunch sound under your feet. This part of the ridge is full of apple snails that can be found feeding on the plants, sticking to branches or just […]

A few days ago, a full grown jackal was found right in the heart of the city behind Regal Theater in Connaught Place. The animal was first thought to be a dog that had entrapped itself amidst the generator sets behind Regal. But a few onlookers soon realized that it […]

As the Dept. of Environment, Govt. of Delhi begins wrapping up the celebrations of the not-so-popular Wildlife Week – Faiyaz A. Khudsar – a wildlife biologist at the Yamuna Biodiversity Park examines a snake sighted at the Yamuna Biodiversity Park (YBP)! Sending it…back into the Wilderness of the Yamuna Biodiversity […]

At a distance several hundred kilometeres from the Greens of Delhi, a dream destination that few are fortunate to visit! They (have come to) say – “Heaven is a place on Earth”-TaWang is what this means…. Tawang Township – birds eyeview! Tawang Monastery! Madhuri Falls! (named after…..you got it right!!) All images belong […]

Incredible India! India Shining! Or is it that in the glitter of a very small part of this country (with a very high albedo), our eyes have stopped seeing the ‘other’ part of our country?  India of today is understood to have a very unique status. We, as a nation are developing among […]

Tree on death bed. One of the trees in the (Delhi) University campus was so brutally marked that it has failed to bear leaves or flowers this season, even when the fall season has long been over. It may never do. It has now become a passive ecosystem provider just like the tree mentioned in the previous post. Even though […]

A caterpillar spotted just outside the School of Environmental Studies, Delhi University. Apparently it belongs to the Common Jay species of butterfly. Butterflies are just another component of DelhiGreens that are supported by the lush greens of the (Delhi University) campus!

An Indian Grey Hornbill spotted on a tree in the Parking Lot of Delhi University Metro Station. Another of this bird was spotted at Akashvani (behind BJP’s headoffice) yesterday. Delhi has a rich bird-diversity. An article in HT, some two years ago claimed that Delhi has more than 450 species of birds. […]


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