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Get Involved

Delhi is at the crossroads. Like it or not, the city is being transformed into a “World class city”. We must ensure that our transition is not based on unsustainable policies – policies whose repercussions we would face well into the future. It is upon each one of us to ensure that Delhi does not undergo an unplanned development, but lead the pack on the concept of “urban re-development”. A re-development that is based on sustainable and efficient use of resources, of city planning based on the principles of new urbanism and in the understanding that we are developing in a climate constrained world.

Securing the GreensThe first step in getting involved is to keep yourself informed. Find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, and in the city. Read the blog, surf the Internet, read the newspapers and listen to the news. However, DO NOT take things at their face value. Scrutinize what you read and analyze what you hear; to identify and dissect out the non-green lobbyists, who are more keen to make a quick buck today, at the cost of a safer tomorrow.


RSS in MailKeep watching the blog and participate in the green events and discussions that take place in the city from time to time. Also register yourself with the large number of active city-lover groups and participate in activities such as Heritage Walks, Bird watching trails, Sunday theater, etc. Click here to subscribe to the blogfeed and get updates (no more than one email per day) in your mail.

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Contribute to the Blog

There is a budding writer in some of us. Others take to writing just to express their passion or give vent to their thoughts. If you fall in any of the above category, or there’s something about the city that you want to share with us,  please send it along with a brief self-introduction to

Alert citizens are especially encouraged to contribute about the status of environment in their neighbourhood and anything that need to be brought to the notice of the general public and the authorities. Please include at least two images (if applicable) with each submission. Stand alone images that make a powerful statement are also welcome. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

If you wish to be a regular contributor to the Delhi Greens Blog, please send a detailed self-introduction to and we will do the needful asap.

Feel free to submit your ideas, suggestions, queries at the above mentioned email addresses or by leaving a comment below.


Delhi Greens International

The Delhi Greens Blog has also been a window to the greens of Delhi for a lot of students, researchers, tourists, journalists, etc. who constantly get in touch with us and with whom, our members and volunteers share the glory of this city! We are also a contacts database.

Leo Mattei        Stuart

Tanya Playah        Iris


We need your help

We need your help in spreading the word about the Delhi Greens Blog.

  • We urge you to share the blog URL ( with your friends, family members and colleagues.
  • Support us by putting the Delhi Greens Blog button on your blog or website.  
  • If you take interest in designing graphics, make a button/badge for us.
  • Invest your time in blogging about us and linking back to us. It will be an investment for a cleaner, greener Delhi.
  • Notify us of any environment related information, press release, event, workshop, etc. that you may have come across.
  • Donate to support us.

If there is any other way in which you would like to support our initiative, please get in touch with or at +91- 98111-477-54.

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42 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. HELLO,


  2. Green & clean delhi is dream of my child hood ,now 34 ,i would like to do something. Do not know how ?
    May volunteer for tree plantation / cleaning etc
    I have inclination towards nature ,easily note different sound ,birds plants .
    Pl guide how can i contribute

  3. Hi,

    Really its a great initiative. Everyone should involve in such a fine work. Though I could not contribute for delhi’s environment but from Rajasthan I will be always with the group to activate such initiation and work for the root cause. Since environment is not localized and impacts of activities in other areas may affect the set up of other place so I will try my best to work in Rajasthan on the same issues whichj were raised by the group.


    Satya Prakash Mehra

  4. Hie, I just wanted to bring to your attention the problem of solid waste management in Delhi. According to the CPCB report, the MCD spends around Rs 2000 crores(thats rite!) in solid waste management every year. Still enough is not being done..Our landfills are overflowing and there is a need to identify new landfill sites and also adopt waste to energy models at the landfill sites. I wrote in because this is an issue that needs serious attention from all Delhiites. Hope you take up this issue in your blog and reach a wider audience.


  5. Dear Deepak,
    Thank you for your information and feedback. At a smaller scale, we’ve been promoting recycling, directly got involved with the Delhi Freecycle Network and have been making efforts to engage people in discussion on optimal resource consumption.

    And we do realize that the issue needs to be tackled on a larger scale and we have initiated some capacity building measures that you will soon hear of.

    @ Satya Prakash Mehra, Harish Bharija, Ramya: Please check your mail.

  6. Hey
    I am very keen in volunteering for the environrment. I have the form and everything . What is the entire procedure for registering? and I am not in town and will be returning in June and want to start then. Can you also please tell me where the office is located.
    Thankyou very much

  7. Hi
    I have done master in env sc and interested in working with your organisation. Kindly, give me a chance to work with delhigreen.

  8. Hi,

    I have done an MSc in natural resources management from TERI University and would also like to work with your organization (the blog btw is GREAT and I have added a link on mine). Please contact me on


  9. Hi,

    I am from Pune and new to delhi.I want to work actively for climate change and natural resource management.Can you help me in terms of the groups who are in this field with their contact numbers.It will be a great help for me.

    Thank you.


  10. Enjoyed going through your blog, congratulations, in particular also enjoyed the IYCN meeting which delhi greens was a part of.. your group can share your experience of how to make things happen in the social sphere and also share it effectively in an accesible, simple manner, with other youth led and youth engaging organisations find your postings interesting and useful..thanks

  11. Dear DelhiGreens team,

    Great job. Keep up the good work. I would like to get involved and am sending an email.


  12. sir
    i came across this site recently….gr8 site…..n i wud b glad 2 work as an active member of this blog for a good cause….
    for more queries and details m sending an e-mail

  13. our is an eco club “friends club of raniganj”. our site is
    our motto is pollution free environment and slogan is ” Grow More Trees, Make More Friends”
    we want to exchange ideas and views with your club
    thanks u

    we will appreciates your steps u respond us

  14. i whole heartedly wanna contribute to the act against global warming
    ,i aspire to join the organisation,if anyone can please tell me how to take initiation and join this organisation,i would be thankful,i have downloaded the volunteer registration form but i do not know where to send it and if the form is for maintaining the website or to join in.

    expecting a reply,
    ankit balani

  15. Hello,

    I am pursuing M.Sc in Env. Studies from TERI University and am interested to work with your organization. Could you provide me with more information so as to how to go about it.


  16. i have started a blog on delhi-but is more on exploring delhi.i would also like to bring theses issues on my blog. it would be nice if you provide link of my blog on your side so that we may proceed in parallel.

  17. hi
    great website..i want to be an active member of green delhi..i want to do work on climate change..i want to know will i be able to get a certificate after joining this organisation as that will help me to further on these issues in delhi.

    waiting for reply

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  19. Hello sir,

    I am pursuing Msc. in Natural Resource Management from Doon University Deheradun and I am looking for summer internship programme. Could you please let me know if your organisation takes interns for your projects my interest is on biodiversity management, Studying endangered species.

    Your sincerely
    Prashad Sharma

  20. Hello sir,

    I have recently completed my Graduation from Delhi University in B.Sc. chemistry hons. and I am looking forward to do my masters in Environmental Science. Could you please tell me if your organizations take interns for any of ongoing project. I have main interests in Sustainable Development.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Neha Sharma

  21. Dear Neha, we have just sent you an email with further instructions on our Rolling Internship programme. Your interest is appreciated.

  22. Hi
    I am a class 12 student. I am deeply interested and involved with plants nd i love researching about them. So how can I use my passion to work through your ngo for making delhi greener ?

  23. Hello!!
    I wanted to be a part of delhigreens. I want to be work with you as a volunteer to save environment. we can’t breathe properly and fresh air. and it’s our responsibility to take care of environment and save life.

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