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Eight Ways To Keep Yourself Fit Amidst Winter Pollution in Delhi

Eight Ways To Keep Yourself Fit Amidst Winter Pollution in Delhi

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Winter season in the national capital this year is strangely bittersweet. While most of us look forward to the cool respite after months of sweltering heat, the chilly weather do entail a variety of problems for many. This is because it is a combination of frigid winds blowing from the Himalayas, and the soaring pollution levels that are now synonymous with Delhi. There is not much to look forward to due to the winter pollution in Delhi. While small life measures cannot be mistaken for a complete solution, they can make an impact on the individual’s life. Here are a few handy tips to battle the ongoing cold, polluted winter season in Delhi! 1. Exercise Indoors We have long been recommended a dose of fresh air in the morning for a healthy start to the day. However, walks and outdoo
Delhi’s Winter Woes Should Be Declared A National Emergency

Delhi’s Winter Woes Should Be Declared A National Emergency

Stubble burning around Delhi during October 2018. Winter is peaking in Delhi these days and the air pollution this year has been more engulfing than ever. As Delhi headed into the winter months, citizens did brace for the city's notoriously poor air quality to get even worse. The overall Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi was recorded close to 250 at the end of October. Things got much out of hand though and according to available figures, AQI has peaked at 999 on more than one days at several places in Delhi since then. With the approach of winter, airborne particles and toxic chemicals that make up the smog prove to be a major hindrance to daily life in Delhi every year. This also proves to be a major public health hazard. The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health has reported th...

Delhi Greens Blog Wishes Merry Christmas to All its Readers!

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Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas to all our Blog readers! The markets in Delhi remained flooded with Christmas goodies this year and shopping has been at an all time high. The BIG day arrived today, a foggy Christmas morning with the mercury dipping close to 8 degrees Celsius! This has only raised the spirits higher up and even as noted media channels promised snow for Delhi this winters, the chill is in no way less exciting! Here's wishing the day passes with each moment being more exciting than before, and this momentum continues until the New Year, which brings more happiness and prosperity for all. Amidst all the celebrations, remember to keep the Planet in mind and make sure your partying decisions are in the best interest of the sustainability of the human kind! And take...

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