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Paper Wastage: What We Can (and Should) Do About It

Paper Wastage: What We Can (and Should) Do About It

My exams concluded recently, and the whole process, apart from making me dizzy (!), led me to think about the issue which stares us in our face, yet gets unnoticed so easily: paper wastage. All of us are aware that the ultimate source of paper is the forest. There is a direct correlation between the amount of paper used and the number of trees felled to obtain it. Although everyone talks a lot about "saving trees" and "deforestation", most of us don’t think twice about wasting paper. Paper is used everywhere - in schools, colleges, homes and offices - and very often, the wastage is much more than the usage. The reason for this is simply a careless and callous attitude: we use the whole sheet of paper just to note down a shopping list; we use a crisp new sheet to print a small paragraph; w

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