We are now nearing the close of elections. With every passing day the new government will be getting formed. Parties will negotiate with each other to form the ruling coalition, as most likely there would be no clear majority. Let us be honest about who we are going to elect […]

The exciting thing about these elections is the number of new voters who have just turned 18+ and have never voted so far. The most striking thing of these elections are the advertisements on mass media where celebrities are promoting the elections by encouraging the youth to come out and vote, […]


Given the election fever in Delhi there are lots of candidates who are projecting themselves as the best for the country. Different parties have different forums in which they are able to project a party image as well as their candidate profiles that would work for the country and its […]


Elections are over and Delhi has chosen to re-elect Ms. Sheila Dikshit and her party. She is very much a Delhi born and brought up women. She is committed to her work and her passions. Her passion for bio-diversity conservation and she has ‘200 species to plants, animals, butterflies’ in […]

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