With an average elevation of 16,000 ft, Tibet is the highest region on the face of the Planet, and for this reason, is sometimes referred to as the roof of the world. With geo-political changes adding more to the already climate change impacted Tibetan region, things are not doing too good here. At the forefront of the impacts of this change is India, where not only do rivers feed millions of its citizens, they are also of religious and cultural significance.

Toxics Link’s Environment & Health Public Lecture Series Eco- Dharma reveals eco- approach associated with Indian concept of sacredness of the nature as well as concern in development of public environmental awareness. India today brings the picture of deep ecological crisis as a consequence of over population, aggressive implementation of […]


Toxics Link’s Environment & Health Public Lecture Series Hot as Hell Screening : Hot as Hell; Directed by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta Mining and industrial projects marginalise the poor and exasperate inequalities in the name of development allover the world. Although mining has been promoted as a livelihood option it employs […]

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