Vegetables grown along River Yamuna, in its floodplain in the NCT of Delhi, are being reported to be laden with heavy metals and pesticides. Despite this, regulation and check on pollution control are regularly failing thereby threatening the health of each and every citizen of Delhi.

File photo: Rajendera Singh being interviewed by Swiss media over the Satyagrah against the construction of the CWG Village on the Yamuna floodplain in Delhi. Bapu was witness to the Satyagrah (that did not work) for protecting the Yamuna throughout and also to the inundation of his Samadhi (consequently) with […]

This is what mindless construction on the Mithi river of Mumbai led to back in 2005. The land-deprived city of Mumbai – a city lying adjascent to a sea! – now faces the flood crisis every year. ___________ Coming back to Delhi – we have been ‘planning’ a similar fate for […]

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