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Migratory Birds: The Only Good Thing Left About Delhi’s Winters

Migratory Birds: The Only Good Thing Left About Delhi’s Winters

Green Lens
Winters in Delhi was once a time of cheer and joy. Many would remember the cold, foggy winter mornings and the taste of a warm cup of tea or coffee while standing in the balcony. Still others would remember the excitement of taking a quick job or brisk walk in the nearby park, if not to the more prominent ones, just to regain the body heat. Inhaling the fog, and exhaling the white misty spirit of Delhi was once part of the winter experience in Delhi. Not anymore. Delhi's October smell, the fragrance of the blooming Alstonia, was once an exciting announcement of Delhi's winters. The winter, amidst the alarming air pollution in Delhi, has become a fight for survival. The day has to be planned so that one spends maximum times indoors. Breathing out in the open, without a face mask has ...

Environmental News and Media Roundup for Week 30, 2012

Green Alert
Weekly environmental news roundup from across different media networks for week 30 (starting July 23, 2012) 2012. 1. Winter migratory birds on a hopping flight through Delhi Rare winter migratory birds like the Cotton Pygmy Goose, the Great White Pelican and the Greater Flamingo can be spotted at the capital's Okhla Bird Sanctuary. 2. Govt junks research body report on BRT The Delhi Government is determined to reduce the number of cars on the roads, it told the High Court. It also made it clear that the government stood by BRT projects aimed at encouraging more people to use public transport and give up private vehicles. 3. The 16th century surprise What is today the Capital's favourite joggers' park, a place frequented by the rich and famous as well as the common folk, w...

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