Centre for Science & Environment (CSE) and Development & Research Organization for Nature, Arts & Heritage (DRONAH) invite all to attend a public meeting in Gurgaon to discuss approaches towards cleaning of rivers. The evening will also feature the release of CSE’s publication, ‘Sewage canal: How to clean the Yamuna’. This will […]

The following is an email from Mr. Anand Arya “As you are possibly aware that efforts are being made to Save Yamuna from Polluted Water and Encroachments on its banks and flood plains.  Hon’ble High Court of Delhi had passed an order to remove all encroachments from the Yamuna.  A lot of these […]

Following is an article by Bindu Shajan Perappadan (for The Hindu) Citizens sign plea to save the Yamuna April 12: Over a thousand citizens of the Capital have signed a petition that has been submitted to the President, the Prime Minister and the Delhi Chief Minister appealing for help to […]


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