Gucci heels, Dior sunglasses tucked on her head, an attractive lady gets off her newly bought black and shiny Bentley Continental GT and moves on to buy organic vegetables from the farmer’s market. Her next stop is the stationary store to buy recycled wallpaper as she shows her concern towards the environment. […]

200 mosquitoes swarmed into our bedroom last night. Some of them also managed to get into our mosquito net which meant a sleepless night. The impact it had on our lives was upsetting and bad tempers. Our local society is complaining that ever since the Delhi Metro work began in […]

File photo of the previous Delhi Climate Bicycle Ride In its dedicated attempt at raising awareness about climate change, rising vehicular pollution and promoting Cycling, walking and public transport as the most healthy and environment-friendly way of commuting, the Delhi Cycling Club calls for the third Climate Bicycle Ride in […]

For a city where 98% of the total annual rainfall pours down in less than a month, planning can never be easy. When the latter is carried out hurriedly as if to meet a certain 2010 target, what can happen is what Delhi is witnessing today. A delayed monsoon that gave up to the changing climate met an infrastructure in the making of a ‘world class city’.


Taking time out while living in a city, to actually read a blog is great. Getting responses from those of you who take the trouble to not only read the blog but take out time to respond to it is always very encouraging. I appreciate the time and attention you […]


In any conversation about Delhi contributing to climate change due to CO2  emissions, dominant is the issue of intra-city transport using petrol, CNG and diesel. This contributes over 30% of the city’s emissions and is difficult to reduce. What is also spoken in the context of our city is the lack of adequate public transport. […]

Pillar 67 of the Metro line broke causing a crash on 12 July 09. It had developed a crack in March and after placing 400 tonne launcher on the repaired pillar, the cantilever crashed. Subsequently out of the four cranes that were commissioned to clear up – three of them boom snapped. Collapsed […]

Imagine a city with so many vehicles on the road that what seems to be a nasty traffic jam is actually a regulation red light. Now imagine the same city adding well over 700 cars to its roads every day. Now imagine the situation when the Nano hits our streets. […]


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