Without inclusive growth, that includes the poor, the rich cannot survive in a city. Thank you for appreciating the development and environment combination of the blog. Your time is precious and I appreciate you making it available to comment on the Blog. There is a dominant tendency on our part […]


The Taj Mahal: A resource curse in the ‘heart’ of India? Mention or lack of mention of just one word makes a difference. Thank you for appreciating the film review with ‘Beautiful.’ I had the privilege of being present in an awesome event in Agra. Empirical facts indicated that of […]


When we say ‘Our Delhi’ we mean it is our city, the city belongs to us and not to all those ‘others’ who are coming to the city in search of jobs or higher education. Therefore we have some preconceived notions about who we consider as outsiders, migrants. The popular […]


My vivid memory of Manmad–a township, due to major Railway junction in Maharashtra that I visited in the 60s–is that of early morning chaos, shouting and screaming over a common tap outside my uncle’s residence for collecting water. When I was growing up, the typical humorous short stories in my […]

Something about beauty, which is perfection, always touches, moves and inspires people. Judging by the responses to the blog I seem to have done that. I truly appreciate you all, who make that extra effort to share with me how you feel. That is my inspiration to write every week. […]

The Western Yamuna Canal Overlooking the Delhi Metro: If you thought the Indian Railways track was the world’s longest public toilet, wait till you visit this. Cleaning the Yamuna needs a plan that ensures that waste water generated in the city does not reach back into the river untreated. The […]

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