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Author: Padmavati Dwivedi

Padmavati Dwivedi is a noted environmentalist based in Delhi.

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Vegetarianism: Eating Right to Save the Planet

Vegetarianism: Eating Right to Save the Planet

Demonstration advocating vegetarian diet to prevent climate change outside the Bella Center, Copenhagen during COP15 There has always been mountains of evidence to prove that a vegetarian diet is a healthy natural diet of humans. And now there is yet another compelling reason to GO VEG: To Save the Planet. All of us these days have access to information over the internet, and we all know how to also find the reliable facts amidst all that goes on online. I googled to educate myself on the pros and cons of the choice of our diet and am presenting some of what I found in this article. But before we go on to the statistics I want you to imagine a rabbit, a beautiful furry white one on a table, would you really want to pounce on it, tear its flesh and eat it? Have you ever pondered ...