For Contributors

Dear Contributors,

We welcome you to the Delhi Greens family with an open heart. We are happy to consider your articles, research notes, opinion pieces, photo essays and poems for being published on the Delhi Greens Blog.

Here are the submission guidelines which are to be followed when you submit your contribution to Delhi Greens Blog:

Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions are received in English language only, as editable Word processing files and must be sent as email attachment and emailed to
  • Authors can submit a two sentence long bio-note and a photograph (optional) which will be included along with the published piece.
  • All authors will receive their own author’s page, viz. in addition to a unique permalink/URL of the article.
  • The article will be promoted on all Delhi Greens social media handles and will also be emailed to members and subscribers of the Delhi Greens Blog and organisation.
  • Sentences should be short with no more than 20 or 25 words per sentence. You can check your article using this tool before submitting.


  1. Articles are short and crisp factual text material on a relevant environmental issue, cause, green solution or inspiring action.
  2. Articles should be typed and formatted in Times New Roman or Arial fonts and submitted as an editable Word processing file (e.g. MS Word, etc.), via email to
  3. The article should have minimum word limit of 800 words and maximum word limit of 1,000 words and should be written in English.
  4. Articles must be original and should not normally include any hyperlinks, footnotes or citation/ references. If absolutely required, up to 2 hyperlinks can be included which must be a media or research source.
  5. Article must not include any image or graphic embedded in the Word processing file. Only 1 image/ graphic can be submitted along with the article and it should be submitted as jpg/ jpeg file as an email attachment.


Photo Essay

  1. A Photo Essay is a collection of photographs/ images on a relevant environmental theme.
  2. Photo Essays should be submitted as email attachment, where each photograph/image is a separate attachment and the caption of the photograph/image is incorporated in the respective file name, which can be emailed to
  3. A maximum of 10 photographs/ images can be submitted against each Photo Essay submission. The file size of each photograph/image should not be greater than 2 MB.
  4. A brief paragraph (maximum 200 words) may be included along with each Photo Essay submission if necessary.


Others (CSR activities, Jobs postings, Event listings, Brand/ Product promotion)

Please write to with full information/ press release about the CSR activity, job or event listing details, or product or brand. You can also click here for advertising your product or brand on Delhi Greens Blog. Green CSR activities which focus on environmental action and are aimed at supporting the environmental cause are immediately published. Other CSR activities are also published after collecting a publishing fee towards supporting this project.

For any other submission, please send an email to