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The Delhi Greens Blog is an Environmental eMagazine at the forefront of the global and Indian environmental movement.


The Delhi Greens Blog Magazine publishes environmental articles and essays and is a flagship project of the Delhi Greens non-profit organisation. It has been set up with the vision of achieving environmental harmony and sustainable development of Delhi and India. The Delhi Greens Blog works to keep you updated with environmental happenings, helps you understand contemporary environmental issues and provides a narrative of the dynamics changes taking place in our common environment.

The Delhi Greens Blog is an award-winning project endorsed by the United Nations and has brought about measurable impact and green change in the society. It is based in the city of Delhi and also serves as an environmental outreach platform.

Blog History

The Delhi Greens Blog was founded by Dr. Govind Singh in March 2007 as an ICT Tool for generating environmental awareness. This makes it Delhi’s first Environmental Blog Project. The Blog helped mainstream the environmental cause since the time when environmental journalism was in its infancy and environmental activism seldom made it to national media.

The DG Blog was a knee-jerk reaction to two separate yet related incidents, along with the love and passion for Delhi and trees. It has since inspired many others to use Blogging as a tool for generating environmental awareness. This led to a chain reaction of Green Blogs which further boosted the environmental movement (Read more about Blog History by clicking here).

In July 2008, as this citizens movement got stronger, the DG Blog was acquired by the Delhi Greens organisation, a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with Govind Singh, Ravinder Bawa, Aastha Kukreti, A.P. Jayanthi and Rishabh Parmar as its Founding Members. Delhi Greens NGO is set up with a similar vision of achieving environmental harmony and sustainable development of Delhi and India.


Ever since its launch, the Delhi Greens Blog has been successful in raising large-scale environmental awareness and involving large number of citizens in environmental activities. Most of these achievements are splendid examples of transforming information into action.

The DG Blog aims to educate and sensitize its readers about environmental issues and Concepts through well researched articles. As part of our commitment to Delhi, we keep notifying our readers about environmental events and green jobs in Delhi NCR. You can also find travelogues and stories of various architectural wonders and natural heritage in the posts of this Blog.

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