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The Delhi Greens Blog has been in publication since 2007 and remains at the forefront of the global and Indian environmental movement.

Aims and Objectives

The Delhi Greens Blog has been in publication since 2007 and remains at the forefront of the Indian and the global environmental movement. We publish environmental articles and essays and disseminate information for environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. The Delhi Greens Blog is the flagship project of the Delhi Greens non-profit organisation.

The Delhi Greens Blog has been set up with the vision of achieving environmental harmony and sustainable development. Since the last 15 years of being in publication, Delhi Greens Blog continues to be best-loved environmental Blog for all those who care about our common environment. The award-winning Delhi Greens Blog is endorsed by the United Nations as a lighthouse project helping to fight global warming and climate change.


  • Air Pollution
  • Water Security
  • Waste Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Corporate Greening

Blog History

The Delhi Greens Blog was founded in March 2007 as an ICT Tool for generating environmental awareness. It is Delhi’s first Environmental Blog Project. The Blog helped mainstream environmentalism at a time (2007) when environmental journalism in India was in its infancy and environmental activism seldom made it to national media. [Read More]


Ever since its launch, the Delhi Greens Blog has been successful in raising large-scale environmental awareness and involving large number of citizens in environmental activities. Most of these achievements are splendid examples of transforming information into action.

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