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Author: P.K. Datta

P.K. Datta is a humble servant in the service of Mother Nature and has planted more than 10,000 trees individually and in association with other organisations. He is the first to introduce Dwarka to the culture of Flower Shows since 2009 and is an excellent Nature photographer, writer and green landscaping consultant.

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Thus Spake the Sheesham Tree

Thus Spake the Sheesham Tree

Couched comfortably  on a tree trunk reading Trees of Delhi, I heard a meek murmur and looked around to find nothing. The murmur however got a bit louder and I realized that it was from within the tree. I closed the book and lent a caring hand on the tree trunk and lowered my ears closer to the voice which turned choked with emotions repeatedly faltering to say something. I promised him to take note and care and pleaded him to narrate. He started, "I am 15 years old and tilted on to the pavement and going towards the road. Hundreds of passers-by come and go, some bowing their head, others banging it against my trunk causing pain to both of us followed by heap of curses on me and horticulture department of DDA for not pruning me. Survival for me was most difficult in the trying