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Author: Swati Bhardwaj

Swati Bhardwaj is a Summer Intern (2013) at Delhi Greens. Her research project at Delhi Greens is focused on analyzing the challenges in the waste management sector.

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Biomedical Waste Management in Delhi: Need of the Hour

Biomedical Waste Management in Delhi: Need of the Hour

Biomedical waste is defined as any waste which is generated from any health related facility and which could be injurious to the health and well being humans or the environment. Consequently, under the Biomedical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 1998, all health care institutions are required to handle biomedical waste in a specified manner. Delhi generates approximately 7,000 metric tonnes of waste out every day out of which 70 tonnes/day is the biomedical waste. According to a Government report (2010), only about 10.125 tonnes/day of biomedical waste gets properly treated in Delhi. This is concerning and we will have to much more than what we are doing at present to ensure minimum exposure to the health risks posed by inadequate handling of biomedical waste. Fortunately, a rec...