The exciting thing about these elections is the number of new voters who have just turned 18+ and have never voted so far. The most striking thing of these elections are the advertisements on mass media where celebrities are promoting the elections by encouraging the youth to come out and vote, […]

November 29, 2008 Saturday 8 pm: “Operation Cyclone” as the commando operation at Taj Hotel was christened, ended in Mumbai city. The carnage caused by it took the lives of over 100 people. Only 10 terrorists could hold the entire city to ransom, destroying the two prime locations for high […]

A few hours from now, the world will witness the next UN Climate Negotiations take place in Poznan, Poland. A few hours ago – Mumbai, India’s financial capital was struck by a terrorist attack – one the most coordinated acts of terror the world has seen till date. Though on the outset, […]

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