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Author: Shivani Kapoor

Shivani Kapoor is completing her Journalism degree from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi.

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Another iPhone Or At Least a Meal a Day: The Choice Now Lies Here

In the end it is all circular and that gives hope and depresses at the same time. Livelihoods, survival, food crisis, water riots and fundamentally skewed resource allocation systems, which in turn create further inequities – one way to look at all these issues together is through the lens of climate change. A street play by Antral, performed under the Canvass for Climate Change, Oxfam forced us to look at these specific linkages. Ironically the linkages are so obvious that in fact we end up missing them. Did someone say that climate change is an issue which is overarching and impacts all of us in spite of our divides? I think its time to rethink. What happens for instance in a society where there has been historic inequity not just in terms of resources but also social status? Who ge