Open Letter to Vice-Chancellor of University of Delhi

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Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing good and keeping well. Unfortunately, and much to the shock of many, the green cover and the ‘heritage’ trees in the university campus, about 500m from your office are not.

A little over an year ago, the unscientific marking and the felling of a large number of trees in the campus was highlighted by the students and the faculty of Delhi University. This was well appreciated by you sir, with an assurance that the matter would be adequately probed. Also, after carrying out signature campaigns and submitting petitions to your office, we were further assured that the trees in the campus will be given the due importance that they deserve. However, the situation today is far from that.

The tress around the university sports complex, that were marked for felling are now being transplanted elsewhere. It is as if a foetus is being taken out from one womb and being put into another. And though it has been said that similar transplantation measures in other parts of the city largely failed to ‘deliver’, no significant measures were taken to ensure a successful transplantation drive in the campus. There were no experts present either during the digging process or when the deeply cut roots of the trees were being packed into the sacks.

Tree to be transplanted at Delhi University

The sports complex has itself been brought down with no information as to what would replace it. The fact that the sports complex is next to the Kamla Nehru Ridge and the Vice-Regal Lodge; a protected green space and a heritage site respectively, we fear that any large-scale construction may result in adversely impacting the above two sites. This will further affect the university’s ambient environment and also affect the rich biodiversity that thrives in the campus.

We therefore re-request you to kindly look into the matter urgently and ensure that the University of Delhi does not lose its very essence and values.

Yours sincerely,
Students, DU

Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh holds a Ph.D. in environmental studies and is currently associate professor of environmental studies at O.P. Jindal Global University, Delhi NCR. He can be reached at

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Vice-Chancellor of University of Delhi

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  2. It is high time that the authorities paid attention to the green-heritage of the city & took some measures to help protect them, instead of employing half-measures & unscientific-methods just for the sake of it!

  3. have sent a link to this letter to all my DU friends.We REALLY need to raise our voice against it.Time we took action.What next do you have on mind,G?

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