Spend One Day As an ‘Environment Friendly Person’

Editor’s Note: Sampa Kundu has been working in the development sector for the past few years and after having finished her M.Phil from the University of Calcutta, has just moved into Delhi and has already begun exploring the city.

Sunset in Delhi University with the Delhi Metro in the vicinity

After the sunset, its time to green the sunrise, the very next day!

We all agree that a clean and safe environment is our first priority and requires immediate attention. But do we really bother about this issue? We all love to give advice and suggestions. We also love to make comments and criticize others and do not take into account our own faults.

This is common and general human nature. So don’t feel bad and don’t put pressure on yourself by thinking “Yes, I did this wrong thing and I polluted my own environment…I threw up a plastic bag on the road, I smoked in public place…’ and so on. 80% of the people cause harm to our environment.

The pollution of our environment is decades old and it is been being polluted from centuries. We have started facing the consequence of this today but for now, lets not recall the consequences. You are well aware of these and may have already been faced it yourself in real life.

This is an urgent plea to spend at least one day as an Environment Friendly Person:

For that one particular day:

  • Please avoid using Plastic Bags
  • Please plant a tree
  • Use public transportation and help reduce congestion and air pollution
  • Do not smoke while you are in a public place

Add some more to the list that would save our environment and follow it at least for one entire day. Then, after you are done, sit down and think about how it feels. And hey, there’s no stopping you from doing the same the very next day!

Sampa Kundu

Sampa Kundu completed her M.Phil from the University of Calcutta and is passionate about making a sustainable and inclusive society.

4 thoughts on “Spend One Day As an ‘Environment Friendly Person’

  1. I love your blog. I can’t wait to read more. I have a blog myself that attempts to inspire people. I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know if this is possible.

  2. Govt can take an action on it and solve the problem within one day. Govt also can set up a recycle plant to process the solid garbages. Your concept is good. But Govt is an important stakeholders.

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