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7 thoughts on “Guess What This Is

  1. Thanks for all your responses! It is foam alright, a very nice sight indeed, but very concerning and alarming. This is the froth formed form domestic waste water that flows untreated from mainly the ‘unauthorized’ (and hence unmonitored) colonies on the left bank of the river just behind the Wazirabad barrage. This water is then stopped and treated before being supplied to Delhi’s population.

    The place is exactly 200 m away from the Wazirabad barrage in North Delhi, on the left bank.

  2. May be the sewagw disposal at Najafgarh drain,this place has got similar ‘Washing Powder Nir-a’ kind of stuff.They have put some boats (functional earlier) as well for some brave to come and experince the reality.

  3. Yes, it’s surely froth of the Yamuna. One can see the DJB pipeline in the background…and our indifference to all of this in the front.

  4. If i am not wrong, this is easily froth coming out as industrial waste…and I am not surprised if this is our very own Yamuna….

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