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There is nothing that can bring more joy and great inspiration at the same time than a work of art. Art is the ultimate form of creativity that must be inculcated in every child and must be kept close to oneself at all times. The true potential and power of art is known to all great men and women who have used art to keep themselves inspired and reach the great heights of their careers.

The mental health benefits of art have long been known and used by therapists on a regular basis. Art is a great stress buster and a constant boost to reminding us that we are alive and kicking! It is therefore highly recommended that we all must give ourselves to art and reap its benefits. And to begin with, the very first step could be to buy paintings that appeal most to you and put them up in those places in your house where you can often see them.

And don’t worry, you no longer need to hope from gallery to gallery to walk through art pieces before finding what you like and purchasing it. As with almost everything else now, you can simply log on to a popular Virtual Art Gallery websites, browse through the paintings and art pieces and order what you like, which will be delivered at your doorstep! One among these Virtual Art Galleries is where you can buy modern art paintings and many more. is a leading Online Art Gallery based in India and open to the world for connecting art and art admirers. You can browse and buy Artwork and Paintings including Buddha Paintings, Ganesha Paintings, Radha Krishna Paintings etc. Other categories include Abstract Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Floral Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, and Landscape Paintings. The website also displays the work of well-known and amazing artists. With more than 3000 paintings, Gallerist is exhibiting the art online created by 900 artists worldwide.


While art is often seen as an option, or something we can pass our time with, but its true power lies in what it can help us achieve. To begin with, and at the very basic level, art can make us realize our place in the cosmos, and will us with gratitude and reception. It can then help build us from the inside such that we not only start enjoying our work and our daily lives but also remain calm, relaxed and more focused at all times.

Aradhana Sharma

Aradhana Sharma is an environmentalist and nature lover, and and takes keen interest in urging people to adopt an Eco-friendly lifestyle. She can be reached at

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  2. Great Painters depicts their “Expression through their Mindblowing Fine Art “, Great Artwork!!!

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