Five Natural Ways You Can Adopt to Beat Air Pollution

Air pollution in Delhi this year has “once again” broken all records. While many have fled the city, those of us who cannot are forced to breathe toxic air which is reducing our lives by several days. You may already purchased an N95 face mask, and flooded your house with air purifying plants. Some of you may have also purchased mechanical air purifiers that may actually do more harm than good.

But after all that, the pollution is so intense that there still does not seem to be any respite. We were already warned that this will happen. And since we did not pay much heed to this warning, it is here now. While anything we do now is too little too late, Amulya Hans shares five ways how we can make our lungs stronger using natural ways and try to live through this season.

The article includes natural and holistic healing therapies based on Acupressure, Yog, Chromotherapy and Diet to make your lungs healthy and strong. User discretion is solicited while using these natural ways.

1. Acupressure & Reflexology

In acupressure & reflexology therapy, applying pressure using acupressure probes on our palms and soles, especially on those points which correspond to the respective organs in our body. Various meridians run along our body which end at our palms and soles and serve as the corresponding points to the organs. Through these points one can diagnose and heal several kinds of ailment.

A) In your left palm, press the fleshy area under the thumb of your hand with acupressure probe or unsharpened pencil. The blue area as shown in the image – correspondence point of the lungs should be pressed with slight pressure using probe.

B) In both your palms, press the area (blue area as shown in image) located below the joint of middle finger and ring finger on the upper side of palms.

2. Chromotherapy

Colours can heal is something long known in the ancient medicine systems of the world. Chromotherapy uses colours to make your life free from stress and diseases. The vibes associated with different colors in chromotherapy, when focused on specific body parts or points can help heal, regenerate and strengthen the organs of our body.

A) To fight air pollution, apply Blue Colour on the fleshy area under the thumb in your left palm on the area of lungs as shown in the image. Blue colour provides the cool vibe to the lungs in order to heal them.

B) Apply Green Colour on first and third division part of the index finger of left palm, apply Light Blue Colour on the little/ pinky finger and apply Dark Blue Colour on the index finger of the right palm. These colours provide the necessary cool vibes to the lungs in our body which is needed to strengthen and heal them.

3. Dietary Changes

It is even more important now to include anti-oxidants and vitamin D rich food in our “daily” diet if we are to fight and survive the air pollution disaster. Some of the foods rich in these are apples, blueberries, green tea, berries, olive, grapes, whey protein, etc.

4. Meditation & Yoga

Strengthen your Heart Chakra (Anahat Chakra) by meditation, listening to good music and through Yog. Use the most inside room of your house for this, and preferably one with at least a few air purifying plants. Half Camel pose, Bow pose, Bridge pose, upward facing dog pose etc. are some postures that could help you tide over the adverse impacts of air pollution on your body.

Anahat Chakra/ Heart Chakra is associated with heart, lungs, and upper torso of the body. This chakra is also associated with green colour which depicts love and energy. By strengthening this chakra, one can strengthen and heal the lungs in a natural way. One should also include green colour in daily lives in various ways possible.

5. Steam Yourself

Steam is long been known to have curative affects on your lungs. Inhaling steam has been practiced since a long time and is a common one at that. However, the air pollution in Delhi today is so minute, it even tries to enter through your skin and body and it is therefore important to take a full-body steam.

Inhaling steam from boiling water, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly opens the blocked air tracts and essentially helps to remove the mucus. Intake of lukewarm or hot water also help for the same. Steaming your full body help you get rid of all the pollutants on your body and will immediately make you feel fresh and relaxed.

Amulya Hans

Amulya Hans holds a master's degree in History from the University of Delhi and is a currently working as a special educator. She loves to sing and is passionate about human well-being and environmental protection.

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