6 year old Agrata is Making Apps for Trees

Agrata Tiwary is a Class 2 student in a school in Mumbai. At the young age of 6, she has helped in the development of the Trilovera App. This App helps in the integration all the popular apps and plants a tree for every product we buy on any of our favourite app.

Agrata got the idea of developing Trilovera last Diwali. She noticed multiple visits by the delivery personnel to her home for delivering products, every time when her parents ordered something online.

“I saw my parents shopping online through applications like Flipkart and Amazon. But I wondered if the delivery persons are coming by motorcycle, it causes pollution. So I asked my parents that should be punish the delivery persons to plant a tree?” Agrata informs us.

She continues, “They told we can’t force them. Then I asked my parents should we stop placing orders? But my parents told it would not be a good idea. Therefore, after discussions with my relatives and family members, I thought about the idea of this App which would help in planting trees and reduce the effects of carbon on the environment.”

Trilovera is a French word which means tree lover. It is an idea to offset our carbon footprint at free of cost by planting trees. It helps in the integration of all our favourite apps along with Google search engine option at one place, be it eCommerce apps like Flipkart and Amazon, ride sharing apps like Ola and Uber or food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy. It thus helps us to access different apps/websites from a single point, while working as an inbuilt App.

Every time when we use Trilovera to access apps and websites, in return Trilovera will attempt to plant trees in India through partnership with tree planting organisations. The profits earned from Trilovera through ads or affiliate marketing will be used for the tree plantation at no direct cost to any user. In this way, smartphone users who indirectly create pollution by online shopping can offset their carbon footprint and make India greener.

In order to promote her app, Agrata has appeared on a radio interview, has actively reached out to journalists and has been promoting it on social media with elder support. At present the app has 1600 downloads and 15 saplings have been planted from the profits earned. She aims to achieve 1 million downloads and plant 1,00,000 trees in the coming year.

The young entrepreneur has a keen interest in coding and is currently learning JavaScript. In the future, she wants to become a doctor so that she can save lives of people. Her message to everyone right now is to kindly download the Trilovera app and contribute to her noble initiative of tree plantation.

In her own words,

“Whatever you want to do, you want to watch a video, you want to buy a product, you want to read newspapers, please do those things through Trilovera so that you can support us. We all can make India greener and healthier and as a result we can get some fresh air.”

Agrata is a motivating example that children are ready to take charge for protecting Mother Nature, since they are witnessing – first hand – the harmful effects of carbon and pollution on the environment. Since her birth, Agrata has observed her father protect Nature by planting trees. The Trilovera app has been developed by Agrata with support from her parents, teachers and family.

There is a strong need of tree plantation in India as well as in the whole world. Trees provide us oxygen, fruits, woods and are responsible for rains, and for purifying air. However, ever-increasing population is destroying the existing forest cover. No matter who we are or what we do, climate change affects everyone. But, it has the biggest adverse impact on those who are socially and economically vulnerable, and on future generations.

The time for neglecting our ecological footprint has passed. It is time to act and feel concerned about the environment. It is recognized that tree planting activities are an effective way to respond to climate change. So, we need to plant more and more trees to save humanity on Planet Earth.

Therefore, on this World Environment Day, if you really want to support Nature, then a small first step in the right direction could be to download the Trilovera App and share it with all your friends!

Pritam Kumar Padhi

Pritam K. Padhi holds a master's degree in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

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