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Clean water is a basic requirement for good health. Water which does not meet drinking water standards can cause diseases. It is important to drink clean water which is free from contamination. It is for this reason that water purifying devices like RO have become so popular. But RO may not always be good for health and come with their own problem. Therefore, before RO devices are installed, you must check the TDS of your supply water.

Checking TDS is not at all difficult. You can simply buy a cheaply available TDS meter and test water at home. A TDS meter is a device with which you can check the TDS of your supply water in just a few seconds. It does not involve any chemicals. Once you buy it, you can test the TDS of water as many times as you want. TDS meters work with normal batteries that you put in your watch or clock.

buy TDS metreYou may be wondering why do you need to test for TDS before you buy a RO device. There are many reasons for this. And the most important of them all is your health, and the health of your family. An R.O. device works by removing all solids from water. Some of these salts are required by the human body to function properly. If your supply water has high TDS, well above 500 mg/l, in that case you should certainly install an R.O. device. But if the TDS of your supply water is below 500.0 mg/l, then an R.O. is certainly not a healthy option for your house.

Most R.O. devices reduce the TDS of water to well below 50 mg/l. If the TDS of your supply water is already less, in that case the R.O. device could lower the TDS to even 5 or 10 mg/l. Drinking water with such low TDS over long period of time is not good for your health. There are some R.O. machines that say that they allow you to adjust the TDS, but you are really on the mercy of the person who installs and maintains your R.O. A TDS meter will let you test the TDS of your supply water and tell you if you need R.O. or not.

It is therefore important that you buy and use the TDS meter first and test your supply water. A TDS meters comes as cheap as 200 to 500 rupees. A good R.O. device is nothing less than Rs. 10,000 and requires annual maintenance. It also consumes electricity on a daily basis. If your water has TDS below 500 mg/l and you are still not sure of water quality, you can simply install any filter or a U.V. based water purifying device.

Using R.O. devices without testing the TDS of your supply water is dangerous for your health. That is why, even the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has now banned R.O. where the TDS of water is already low. R.O. devices not only harm your health, they also harm the ecology and environment. R.O should therefore only be used when it is really necessary. Healthy water should be colourless, odourless and without any taste. But it should have the minerals and solids needed by the human body. An R.O. device deprives water of all solids, even the important minerals that the body needs.

You must keep the welfare of your family first, and check for TDS before installing a R.O device in your house. If the TDS value shows to be lower than 500 mg/l, installing a R.O. device can bring diseases. Stay healthy by testing your supply water for TDS value using a TDS meter and also help protect environmental health.

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