FireKiller: World’s First Green Fire Extinguisher Launched in Delhi

Darvesh Fire and Safety Industries, a division of Darvesh Group has launched its ultra portable flame inhibitor – ‘FireKiller’ in the Indian market. The newly launched FireKiller’ is a revolutionary aerosol dispenser that is of tremendous value while subduing and extinguishing fires. What’s unique about the product–as against the conventional mobile fire extinguishers–is that once bought, it requires absolutely no maintenance, and hence has no hidden or additional costs.

‘FireKiller’ is light, compact, handy and that’s not all. As an internationally patented product of Space Age Technology, the ‘FireKiller’ is a non toxic,  non-pressurized, leaves no “organic accumulation” and is thus being marketed as a completely green product that comes with a life time guarantee. Explaining this, Mr. Ahsan Hassan Darvesh, Managing Director, Darvesh Group introduced the FireKiller as a practical and portable flame suppressant which is also extremely environmentally safe.

On further review, we found that compared to the other mobile fire extinguishers, the FireKiller is indeed sleek and compact. It is said to have a lifetime shelf life and must obviously be resistant to corrosion and is a much needed durable product. Like most other extinguishers, it is non-toxic and does not leave any residue. The fire extinguishing agent, indeed the key component that would determine how green fire extinguishing product really is, is said to be Potassium aerosol. Through available information, it is unclear whether this is potassium bicarbonate or some other phosphorus containing compound. No information is also given on how this product uses an extinguishing agent which is different from others and/or revolutionary.

The most effective and common agent that was used for fire extinguishing has been bromochlorodifluoromethane (CF2ClBr), referred to as halon 1211. However, by international agreement, production of all types of halons ceased in 1994 because the bromine and chlorine atoms in the chemical were found to migrate over time to the stratosphere, where they react to deplete ozone in a very efficient catalytic cycle.

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28 thoughts on “FireKiller: World’s First Green Fire Extinguisher Launched in Delhi

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  3. This product is priced at available for both household and industrial use.
    Price of 5B household model is INR4090. Unlimited shelf life and maintenance free product with lifetime guarantee.

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  7. Congragulations on your wonderful green fire extinguisher,it really is the way the world is moving!We have just launched the worlds first green and carbon neutral fire extinguisher – no maintenance or servicing.Why not join us and market them in India?.

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