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With an aim to increase awareness on environmental issues and the citizen’s responsibilities towards it, Ahmedabad based Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. celebrated World Environment Day 2016 in a unique way.

The company launched a number of activities to conserve natural resources that are fast depleting. Activities like poster competition, essay contest, quiz and slogan contest were also organised in the various facilities of the company.

A tree plantation drive at Senior Citizen Home at Kasindra Village, located near Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ Bhat campus, was also organised. About 20 senior citizens from ‘Matrudham’ Institution planted saplings in their campus and with a message to the society to protect the environment and create green cover for the children and coming generations.

The company organised many other activities to mark the day which included plants/ sapling plantation by employees, banners and posters on saving environment, small label tags for employees giving message to save environment, slogan competitions to name a few.

Employees also expressed their enthusiasm by wearing green dress on this day as a symbolic gesture. Every employee took an oath to commit themselves to save the environment through conscious and careful consumption in their day to day lives. Similar activities were also conducted at Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ Jammu, Bhat, Kadi, Hirpur, Dholka and Ankleshwar facilities.

Through such activities, the company intends to drive home the point of environmental protection and motivate its employees to be responsible citizens. The employees were informed though words and action that a simple conscious act by each individual at Cadila Pharmaceuticals could contribute considerably for the environment and thereby saving on trees, water and reducing CO2 emissions.

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