Trees for Delhi – Candle Light Vigil

Trees for Delhi  an action group formed by a bunch of concerned citizens and environment NGOs – in one of the ‘first of its kind’ attempt – is organising a candle light vigil to save the trees of Delhi that are marked for felling for the construction of the first phase of the High Capacity Bus Service (HCBS) in South-Central Delhi.

Here is the invitation from the Organisation

trees for delhi

Lend a ray of support to thousands of trees being cut in Delhi. Take a stand against anti-environment city planning.

The vigil is a peaceful effort to inform the people of Delhi about the ongoing massacre of trees.

Over 35,000 trees have already been cut for Metro Phase-I, National Highway Project, High Capacity Bus Service Corridor, flyovers, underpasses, subways, and general road widening,

We believe that these trees have a right to life for the sake of the citizens of Delhi, the very character, well-being and beauty of the city. We also believe that a transport friendly city does not have to be in conflict with its green heritage. We need people to have a say in this matter through a democratic platform and a public debate.

Even as you read this, trees are being felled behind metal barricades. Before it is too late, we would at least like people to know what is being lost. Trees guard us against pollution, hot summers and a lack of water. Cutting tress would make Delhi roads dust bowls and all surrounding residential colonies would be without any buffers against high levels of polluted air and noise.

‘Trees for Delhiis a coalition of a group of concerned citizens and environment NGOs, who have come forward to launch a campaign against extensive tree cutting taking place in the city. The group’s top most current concern is to put a stop to the rampant felling of thousands of trees to construct road space for the HCBS.

Come together to reclaim the city’s present; Delhi’s trees are
non-negotiable. Please be there at the vigil taking place on Monday, April 2nd, 2007.

Orientation point – Dr. Batra’s clinic at the main Panchsheel road

Orientation time – 5.00 p.m
Duration – 5.30 p.m  – 8.00 p.m

Possible parking spot – The lane next to D-114 Panchsheel Enclave (This is on the main Josef Broz Tito road linking the Chirag Delhi flyover and the road to GK)

A brief insight into the urgent situation:

o For the HCBS, approximately 2500 trees will be removed in phase-1 alone, and many thousands slated to be cut in the subsequent five phases.
o By the time the 2010 Commonwealth Games start, a
significant part of Delhi’s green cover will disappear from its
current locations, and many thousand trees would have died.

To know more about the issue log on to

Please sign on the online petition through the following link to stop this madness.

For further details contact Ishita at Phone: 26533520/25/30, 41649067, 41664084

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