Film Screening: Tiger – The Death Chronicles


Tiger- the death chronicles

Premiere Screening in India International Centre Auditorium, Delhi at 6.30 PM on 3rd May 2007. The film is presented, written and directed by Krishnendu Bose.

Tiger, the symbol of India. One of the most charismatic animals to walk the face of the earth. Faces it’s most severe crisis today. Its prey, habitat and the animal itself are being decimated.

dead tiger visual

Tiger-the death chronicles, explores this crisis. Traveling through tiger hotspots like Sariska, Panna and Buxa, the film attempts to unravel the nuts and bolts of the crisis. It looks at states like Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Goa and how they maybe trading their tigers and their forests, for more economic revenue. The film maps the curious case of a mining project in the heart of a tiger habitat in Orissa. It
also highlights the positive work being done in reserves like Corbett and up in the BR Hills, of Karnataka.

Tiger- the death chronicles in 63 minutes, encapsulates 30 years of conservation attitude in this country. For the first time ever, a film joins diverse voices, from tiger scientists and conservationists to ordinary citizens, to attempt a brutal and an honest assessment of the present and the future of the Indian tiger and it’s habitat.

All are invited. For more details log on to

For more on the Film Screeing, you can contact Krishnendu Bose of Earthcare Productions at +91-9811843111.

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4 thoughts on “Film Screening: Tiger – The Death Chronicles

  1. Tigers – they are not just an umbrella species…but a true indicator of env health of any ecosystem. When the tiger falls…so does the biodiversity.

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