Against the Mindless Marking of Trees: VC Responds

After the submission of a Letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University – requesting him to show sensitivity towards the trees in the campus, the VC (in a manner expected from the VC of one of India’s most popular University) has in a letter, appreciated and shared the concern of the students.

The VC has maintained that the trees were marked to save as many as possible and that a complete list of species and their age was prepared in the process. He further went on to say and I quote, “Instructions are being sent that no tree will be marked by removing the bark and permission of the Vice-Chancellor will have to be taken for any such activity.”

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3 thoughts on “Against the Mindless Marking of Trees: VC Responds

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  2. This is a great effort. It will surely save lot of trees from dying and being infected. Kudos.

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