What’s With the Weather, Or is it Climate Change?

summer delhiSummers in Delhi have been unusual this year. While some claim it may be the signs of a larger climate change that will follow, others are just considering it ‘normal’ weather fluctuations.

Things are however, far from normal. Two-three days of continuous heat wave is abruptly changed to heavy downpour the very next day. Even before we can wipe the sweat off our foreheads – the surroudings become cooler. We may be enjoying this ‘broken’ summer but it is something that requires urgent investigation.

CNN-IBN covered a story on this which can be read here and/or viewed online by clicking here

Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh holds a Ph.D. in environmental studies and is currently associate professor of environmental studies at O.P. Jindal Global University, Delhi NCR. He can be reached at contact@govindsingh.com

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