Petition to Save Yamuna

APPEAL to stop Commonwealth Games Construction on Yamuna

The Yamuna River exists on an ecologically sensitive floodplain which supplies much of Delhi’s drinking water. As Delhi urbanizes and its population quickly grows, water resources are becoming increasingly inadequate. Freshwater is already a scarce commodity in Delhi and further construction on the floodplains will only exacerbate the water crisis. Development along riverbanks has occurred in other cities, however construction on a monsoon-fed and flood-prone river such as the Yamuna will be fatal. It is crucial to save the floodplain to maintain the integrity of the river and ensure we have sufficient water.

Save YamunaWhile the Yamuna floodplains act as a buffer preventing water from flooding outside of the riverbed, studies have consistently predicted that construction of permanent structures on the Yamuna floodplain will have disastrous consequences such as floods, decrease in water discharge capacity, and reduction in water availability.

With this at the backdrop and with four supporting documents from some of the world’s best institutes, Swechha – We for Yamuna urges concerned citizens of Delhi and fellow countrywo/men to help in its efforts to Save the Yamuna and sign the petition opposing construction of the Commonwealth Games Village on the Yamuna.

Comment and Sign

To get involved in the campaign further, please contact:

Swechha (We for Yamuna)
B 1/46 3rd Floor Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi – 110 017
Phone – 011 – 26671758, +91 – 9811812788
Fax – 011 – 26671758
Email –

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12 thoughts on “Petition to Save Yamuna

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  2. Hi !
    Nice to know about your views and comments on this whole issue.
    I am going to satyagrah sthal every weekend, but now I am an active member
    of “youth for justice” and we are working very hard for the justice for river Yamuna. From 5th of june to 15th of june we are going for “Yamuna satyagrah yatra”.
    Yatra will cover, streach of yamuna banks from both sides. It will start from
    Rajghat & complete its phase at Mehrauli.

    Lalit sharma { Action hero }

  3. What we are constructing on the Yamuna is not the Commonwealth Games Village. We are digging and constructing our own burial place, and the burial place of each and every citizen of Delhi.

    Silly that only the Emaar MGF company is doing the job so dedicatingly when we all should go help in the process. It is for us after all.

  4. I became member of Green Peace thinking there is only 2 grave issues this world is facing, that is climate change and cruelity to animals, but I am surprised that there are so many things that we need to focus…i cant believe that big organisations like Common Wealth Games can show such irresponsible behaviour. I agree, Nature will fight back.

  5. If we call destroying nature as development………! Nature is powerful than man…which man doesn’t realise.Nature always fights back..nd when it fights back we cant help but just watch ourselves being’s like digging our own grave..

  6. commonwealth games can be held in any of existing stadiums in india.
    Use the money for any other useful purpose. It can be spent on animals and nature protection.

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  8. Most certainly, anyone who feels for the issue or who is aware of the the wrong being done (as is clear and evident from your comment above) can sign and should sign the petition.

    Floodplains are threatened worldwide it seems, making them real estate or construcing on them for an event lasting only a few days is not just a stupid idea, it is also the preparation of our own doom.

  9. Can Londoners sign this petition?

    Our Olympic venues/village are also being built on a floodplain here in London, probably not as significant as on the Yamuna. But it does seem crazy that it is happening this way. I guess it’s seen as cheaper, unused land ripe for development.

    What annoys me is that these sports events are over in 2 weeks, cost billions to build and are then left to rot and end up creating all sorts of environmetal problems.

  10. Seems the people taking decisions have completely lost it this time. Digging the floodplains is actually digging the grave for all the people who live or depend on the river.

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