Top Five Reasons Why You Must Act to Save the Tiger

Why we must save the tiger

1. Tiger Supports Livelihood

Tourism is the world’s biggest industry. On the ecotour front, the tiger is a star attraction for not just the Indian tourists but also for the people coming from other countries. There are foriegners who come to India only to have a glimpse of the tiger and then there are others who return more than once for another such opportunity.

The look in the eyes of a canter that has just come out of a National Park after sighting a tiger is very different from the look and feel of a canter that could not sight any. This eventually impacts the tourist influx thus impacting everyone from the tour companies to the local tour guides. A healthy tiger population thus supports livelihoods as well.

2. Tiger Protects Genetic Diversity

Tiger is an umbrella species. It’s conservation automatically ensures the conversation of a large number of flora and fauna and entire ecosystems. Thus, a properly planned tiger conservation programme is actually a programme to protect and save large number of species.

However, a dwindeling tiger population and news of declining number of tigers only implies an immediate threat to what is remaining of our natural ecosystems. A healthy tiger population thus also protects all that remains of our natural ecosystems.

3. Tiger brings Rain

A tiger is a both a guardian and an indicator of a healthy forests. A healthy forests. Few understand that a live bird or insect is far more important to the economy than a dead one. A live tiger brings rain – a dead one brings nothing but devastation.

4. Tigers Prevent Climate Change

A healthy tiger population lives in large forests – which are nothing but the natural sinks of Carbon. The more tigers we can save, the more healthier reserves we have, larger is our national carbon sink. A tiger should therefore be entitled to carbon credits in the form of protection.

And last, but never the least…

5. Tiger is a symbol of our National Pride

This is what has to say about our National Animal:

The magnificent tiger, Panthera tigris is a striped animal. It has a thick yellow coat of fur with dark stripes. The combination of grace, strength, agility and enormous power has earned the tiger its pride of place as the national animal of India. Out of eight races of the species known, the Indian race, the Royal Bengal Tiger, is found throughout the country except in the north-western region and also in the neighbouring countries, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

With inputs from Dr. Faiyaz A. Khudsar (Yamuna Biodiversity Park)

Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh holds a Ph.D. in environmental studies and is currently associate professor of environmental studies at O.P. Jindal Global University, Delhi NCR. He can be reached at

37 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons Why You Must Act to Save the Tiger

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  2. At…the…Beginning…of….LIFE….there…were…Innumerable….Animals….of….various…shapes….and….sizes….for…Example….Dinosaurs….they….ALL….are….EXTINCT….NOW….and….the….world….is…a…SAFER…place…NOW….

    So…I feel….its…BETTER….to…..PROTECT…INNOCENT….and….CUTE….looking…..GRASS eating….animals.. like….DEERS….Zirraffe….kangaroo….buffaloes….Monkeys….Birds..FROM…..CRUEL..MEAT eating..animals….like….tigers…lions….leapords…panthers…..wolves….wild dogs….etc…etc

    Tourists……would…….come….even…in….MORE….NUMBERS……to….experience…..THAT….PEACEFULL…..JUNGLE…….where ….they….can….move….about….FREELY…..without ANY…..RISK….to….their….LIVES……



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  4. Dear Editor,
    I want to disagree about the article you released on what Jeremy Clarkson (Famous TV Presenter) said about the tigers and them going extinct because of poaching
    Firstly, I disagree with the article that you released on what Jeremy Clarkson said about tigers. I find that he thinks that children would never want to see a tiger ever in their lifetime but in reality a lot of them want to see a tiger and other exotic animals that are becoming extinct. Also we would care if the tigers went extinct because they are majestic animals and we love seeing them but Jeremy doesn’t really care what other people think, he is just always going with his own opinion and none others which he should not do because it’s selfish.
    Secondly, I also disagree with him because he says tigers will still exist in Las Vegas and Asia’s back street big cat farms, the thing is that we do not want them to only exist there we want them to have their freedom and run wild. Poachers are killing them off quickly, we need to let them have their freedom but protect their habitat at the same time so no poachers go there. If the tigers are kept inside cages they will eventually get disheartened or agitated and try to escape. Do you think we all want to see tigers locked up in cages with no freedom? That’s right we do not, we want them to be free.
    Thirdly, I disagree with his statement saying that we will have to send international forces with the newest weapons and technology and get gunships to kill all the poachers. I know he is being sarcastic but it is a bit over the top to do that and anyway no one would ever do that.
    Fourthly, I also think that when he says that Chinese people believe that tiger parts will cure any virus or disease, not all Chinese people believe this he can’t really expect them all to believe these ancient beliefs. The truth is that tiger parts do not cure anything and we are killing tigers for nothing so all we need to do is spread the truth of these stupid ancient beliefs then we will have stopped a lot of the tiger poaching but not all of it. If we stopped this poaching everyone would stop talking about how tigers are becoming extinct and Jeremy can stop going on about how people are telling him that they are going extinct so he wouldn’t get annoyed so easily.
    In conclusion Jeremy Clarkson is incredibly selfish and is only telling everyone what he thinks not what the majority of people think even though it his article he should still include other people’s opinions. Before he expresses his views on this, he should also include an area where it only talks about what the majority of people think. He also is very inconsiderate because he doesn’t hardly care about anyone.

  5. the above article was really nice and hope many more people understand the importance of tiger

  6. Well, then what does? Chinese made artificial chemicals for the clouds? NO TIGERS = NO FORESTS = NO RAIN 🙁

  7. To save the TIGERSis to save the NATURE & to save the nature is to save the LIFE & to save the life is to save the PRODUCTIVITY & to save the productivity is to save the biggest word in the world i.e THE MOTHER.

  8. Its very good social work doing by delhi greens to save our wild animals . really every human-being has to appreciate this……………………..
    keep going…………………… good job………………………..
    and one request before u kill tigers think once that it also has rights to live…………………………………… like human beings…………….

  9. Good informative article by Delhi greens!! We can call tiger an apex predator as it is in the top of the food chain and help to protect the eco balance…Good

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  12. Read the article as well the comments. Personally I dnt think putting all the burden n blames to the authority is the way to show that we care. Our little bit will contribute a lot to this mission. I am trying to do my bit.

    Hope u all do….

  13. Amazing blog post! I love it. The tiger is my fave animal, and I hope that we would be able to save them. Reading about poachers hunting tigers has made me so FURIOUS!!! Write more about tigers!!!! 😀

  14. I read this informative book called” The way of the tiger” by Ullas Karanth who headed the Project Tiger and continues to monitor some scientific projects to track tigers and study tiger behaviour in protected reserves.

    Though this book has a defensive tone about the efforts of Indian conservationists (inspite of failure of the “project tiger” ) this book takes on scientific approach in analyzing the issues involved in this business of saving tiger.
    He believes “science” is the only salvation of tigers apart from our own current actions. I believe public participation in form of rally will be an important eye opener politicians who only understand the lingo of votes.

  15. Its a lovely way to convey our purpose. Good Work Delhi Greens! We need you guys to help us to prevent the “buddha party” from colonising your future.

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  19. Not only tiger, we must care for all flora as well as fauna, these are the part of our life.
    Suresh Rawal

  20. That is a wonderful piece of information.We must put in every possible effort to Save the Tiger.Is their any way that I can contribute to this noble cause?

  21. The tiger is the national animal of India…we must make sure it does not become ‘was’. And just like hockey…as a national sport, we ignore this animal likewise.

  22. Hello,

    I think it is important to save the tiger and do anything possible in that. The politicians will need to told that the tiger makes much of the GDP and needs to be protected.


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