Dragonflies: once abundant across Delhi, are now restricted to few pockets. Known to devour the mosquito larva, they are good malaria inspectors. As the Commonwealth Games are approaching, the city is almost gearing up with the preparations. In the process of making the Games fruitful and a memorable event, various […]

This July, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has taken upon itself the task to clean Delhi city, which is in an excitement rather disturbed state, preparing for the Commonwealth Games 2010. MCD cannot neglect the aesthetic nature of our city and hence the need for necessary beautification. Also, the […]

A peacock opens its feathers in Delhi to welcome the brief spell of showers that transformed the city weather overnight. Delhi has been facing more severe heat waves each summer and owing to several urbanization impacts such as the urban heat island effect, construction works, etc. The monsoon in the […]

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