New Legal Bio-Way to Cut Your Electricity Bill By 70%

Election gone, subsidy gone. Like everything you will now have to pay more for power. In future, if things go this way, electricity will perhaps constitute about 40% or even more of your home operating costs.

So, if you are one of those into heavy forward planning you will perhaps invest in non conventional modes of energy. I found this rather interesting piece of equipment that immediately helped me lower my electricity bill by over 70%. The best part is that I invested just under Rs 200; could have been cheaper had I bought it off the street.

It’s also brought me tremendous joy. Immediately, after I had installed my Cut Electricity 1.0, the bio mechanism kicked off, it was alive in a day or two. Caution: the bio machine does not show immediate results it requires an incubation period of over 15 days to a month.

Cut Electricity 1.0 Karma

Cut Electricity 1.0

I invested in one of those and it was never intended for the purpose it served later. I bought a clay bird house and without much thought hung it next to my air conditioner. Before I could realise my blunder, I found tenants, who immediately moved in and started a wonderful family.

I have not been able to find out much about their species, but they are wonderful. The kids are growing and demand a lot from their parents, create a racket sometimes. I am posting the pictures and seeking help from my ornithology friends to identify the species.

Karma Bill Cut

We have changed; thanks to our extended family we have stopped using the air conditioner for the fear of disturbing our tenants and their lovely kids. We are sweating it out and god has been kind showering us with lovely rain bursts every now and then. I did request him not to bring the city to a grinding halt though.

Thanks to the birds we never use the air conditioner these days and so surely my bill will be much much less than most of you not using Cut Electricity 1.0. I am so impressed with this contraption that I have built one myself calling it the Karma Bill cut 1.0.

The next generation bill reducer is built with composite material much lighter, well insulated for my feathered friends. The door is wider for bigger load and there is a lovely perch made of teak, unlike the earlier one which uses cable wire. I have installed Karma Bill cut 1.0 next to my guest room..hope they get the point.

Karma Paljor

Guest post by Karma Paljor, cross-posted from IBNLive. Karma works with Network 18 and is the face of news on CNN-IBN. When not on TV, he can be found at an airport near you, remotely flying his planes over the Delhi sky!

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